Your Owner’s Manual to Life

6-Week Course

Starts 1/04/2021

6-Weeks: Your Owner’s Manual to Life!

What a better time to gain realizations into what’s under your “hood” that will allow you to navigate the changes happening in the world now and for living the rest of your life from a GOOD feeling.

Living beyond your condition psychology can only happen when you gain insights and realizations into how your experience of life works.

The purpose of this 6-week course is to introduce you to how your experience of life works.

When you gain realizations into how life works, you’ll live life with:

  • Less struggle, more ease.
  • Less challenge, more flow
  • A new way of living more in the flow of life
  • No analyzing
  • No talking about your past
  • No problem solving from the intellect

You’ll gain insights into:

  1. Misunderstandings of where stress, anxiety, fear, depression, happiness, love, peace etc. come from.
  2. The true purpose of emotions/feelings, to bring you back into the FLOW OF LIFE!
  3. The truth about low moods and high moods, a normal part of being human.
  4. A new way of being with people in relationships as you gain an understanding that no two people think alike.
  5. The truth about memories and what is really happening when you are “triggered” by a person or event.
  6. The most important key, that you think, not what you think, but that you think.
  7. Communicating with people from a heart to heart level, a game-changer in relationships.
  8. Your coping mechanisms of overeating, overshopping, social media surfing, overly busy, overexercising, etc. that you used to feel happy, calm, peaceful begin to fade.
  9. Living more in the now, not as hard as you thought.

Here’s the key: as your level of understanding about how life works increases, so too does the quality of your life, your relationships, and your moods.

During this 6-Week Program you will get:

Weekly live 1.5 hour calls for deep insightful

A Private Group Forum where Lynn will provide personal support for you for 6-weeks and answer your questions.

Exclusive access to video and audio recordings as well as book recommendations for continued evolution.

This private supportive community will be a place where you can connect to like-minded women, build lasting friendships and relationships.

You’ll experience new levels of creativity that will energize you in creating a more fulfilling life.

Your own insights, realizations, wisdom and aha moments will change the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act.

Who is this Course for?

If you felt like you’ve had a sense that you’ve been going about change the wrong way or you’ve tried every program and read every self-help book, only to find yourself back to where you started.

If you are done trying to “manage stress” as an accepted part of life or being “busy”, you’re ready for a breakthrough in your thinking!

Professional women who have felt worried, stressed, anxious, compared themselves to others, scared to step into their power, bothered by their negative insecure thoughts, afraid of being judged, and afraid to put themselves out and play life full out.

Those who are ready now to transform and see, live and experience life with more ease and flow!

This is life-transforming 6-weeks course is pointing you and guiding you back to your natural well-being, resilience and common sense to thrive in life, to thrive in relationships, to thrive in business and to be a leader for your family, friends, co-workers and anywhere else you shine your light!

Please note, this is not a self-improvement course or a self-help course or a “how to” course with tools, steps, strategies and techniques.

This course is about insight-based learning, a matter of the heart, NOT the intellect. The understanding of the Principles is all that is needed to transform.