Therapy is about the past and coaching is about the future.

Therapy helps you heal from your past.  Healing form your unfavorable childhood, hurts, fears, traumas, bad relationship breakups, abuses, illnesses, etc.  Therapy is about talking about your past with a therapist to heal.  Often times people spend years in and out of therapy.

Coaching is about creating your future.  Being your own hero because no one is coming to save you!  Sorry!  If you don’t create anything new in your life, then your normal default programs continue to run on automatic.  This means that your future will be more of the same as your past and or what you’ve always had.

Coaching helps you uncover fresh new insights never realized before.  Coaching helps you learn and experience new things about yourself because a coach always will see what you never see in yourself! Coaching takes you out of default mode living and into living life on purposed, created by you, using your full creative potential, thriving in life!  Doing way better than just ok!