I love the experience of being with others in a safe space while insights occur that lead to real-time change, transforming how you see and live life.

You speak, I listen, and your life blossoms and flourishes!

Mentoring is offered for personal, professional and/or spiritual life.

I would love to mentor you if:

  • You are open and receptive to learning.
  • You are willing to explore, get curious and learn about yourself.
  • You are committed to your growth and evolution.
  • You have a strong work ethic.
  • You’ve made a clear commitment to being mentored by giving time, attention and energy into creating what you want.

I partner with my clients in multiple ways to best serve them so they experience the ultimate level of transformation.

There are no standard cookie-cutter packages. Each program is a collaboration with both of us as we create what serves you the best.

Please note, mentoring is not therapy, you do not talk about your problems, the past, or figure out why something is happening.

If you need therapy, get a good therapist.

If you are interested in partnering and working together, please e-mail me at: 

*I am available for speaking engagements, working with a variety of groups and working with businesses.