Do you wake up every day and remind yourself to be positive?  How’s that worked out for you so far?  Do you look in the mirror or remind yourself daily, I am strong, I am powerful, I love yourself?  How’s that worked out for you so far?

Well, you’re not alone!  I have many clients who tell me that I did the same!

Why doesn’t this work? Trying to think positive or say affirmations don’t work because your body doesn’t feel that way.  Your body must FEEL what you are thinking about. 

So, if you live in disempowering emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, depression, anxiety, shame, blame, regret, etc. and those are your normal emotional states, there lies the issue. Once you lose your level of awareness (and you will) of keeping your conscious level focused on trying to be positive or trying to be happy, confident, powerful and love yourself, your subconscious programs kick in. 

Real-life, real-world kicks in, you have to go to work, drive the kids around, pay bills, etc.  It’s nearly impossible to try to remember to be positive or anything else!

What works?  When you work with a coach and go within and gain fresh new insights on everything that prevented you from being happy, positive, strong, powerful, loving yourself, etc. is when you then can change how you think, how you feel and how you act.  This is when you never ever have to remember anything, your new state is naturally happy and positive.