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 Let’s take a peek into the reality of relationships. Why do some partnerships seem to fall apart? Someone thinks you’ve changed or you think they’ve changed. You keep attracting the same type of partner with the same problems – just with a different name! Check into this mind-opening reveal of why this happens. Uncover what it takes to have a warm. caring. loving. and nurturing relationship.

Join Lynn Live so you can experience a glimpse of what a healthy relationship can be like for you! 

Therapy vs. Coaching

 What is the difference between therapy and coaching? This is a popular question that I get all the time and it’s a great question. Tune in and learn the crucial differences between therapy and coaching. They are at opposite ends of the self-care spectrum and it is important for you to know what these KEY differences are.

Breaking Bad Habits

What do you want to shift or change in your life? How long have you wanted it? Why do you believe that this hasn’t happened for you yet?

you are invited to join me for an open, interactive conversation regarding what it REALLY takes to change! I promise you, this will be NEW to you! Bring an open mind and a pen and paper and get ready to move closer to what it is you really want! No New Year’s Resolution required!

Ownership vs. Victim

Which world do you live in, ownership or victim? Are you unhappy or frustrated that your life isn’t going the way you planned? DO you feel like someone is doing you wrong? Do you take full responsibility for all of your choices and own your life? Do you create and live the life you want regardless of the past experiences you have had? 

Join me as we take a deep, honest dive into what it is like to walk in the shoes of the victim and the shoes of someone who takes ownership of their life.

Financial Fitness

What meaning do you attach to money? Does money mean happiness or freedom for you? If you own a business, do you feel guilty charging for services that help change people’s lives? Do you feel like you are always broke?

Let’s review your beliefs about money and learn how to shift out of your old mindset and into a new way of thinking about money.

Believing in Yourself

Grab a pen and paper and take an inventory of the thoughts that float around in your mind renting headspace. We get about 70,000 to 90,000 thoughts per day! Did you know that? It’s true! How crazy is that? Let’s talk about how to uncover the thoughts that you give power to and how they affect the ways you are creating your real-life story. Check-in and ask yourself, who would you be without those thoughts? Join me as we explore all of the thoughts that frame our beliefs about ourselves.


Do you ever notice what comes to mind when you say “I’ll be happy when…”? Are you putting your life on hold? Are you waiting to be happy? Are you feeling like it’s taken a lifetime to be happy without feeling guilty? Learn how to be happy for no reason and watch your world change! Join Lynn Live and discover how you can be happy for no reason at all!

Making Choices

Do you have a hard time making a decision? Do you waver back and forth? Do you feel like your life is stuck because you can’t make a choice? Well, don’t miss out anymore. Make the decision to join Lynn Live and learn how to make choices so you can get your life moving in the direction you want!

Lynn Live Subscription

Each month Lynn teaches a live class, followed by an opportunity to connect and ask questions directly.

These classes are one-hour sessions.

Subjects range from mindset chat, thoughts, feelings, health, wealth, relationships, happiness, love, stress, gratitude, triggers, habits, how to make lasting change in your life, etc.

Lynn is an incredible resource with experience and knowledge of what it takes to overcome self-imposed limitations to transform your life from the inside out.  These classes offer you an opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge as you continue your journey of learning, growing, evolving into becoming your best possible self. 

You will have an opportunity to connect and interact with Lynn as well!

The live classes are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00-1:00 pm (EST).

If you are unable to attend the live class, a recording of the session will be sent directly to your email and it will be available for approximately 7 days after the live class. You can listen there or download the session to your computer as well!

$9.99 every 30 days until cancelled

Just wanted to appreciate Lynn for my experience with her today.

I had a 1:1 coaching session with her and we talked about a lot of things. Before talking with her, I didn’t know what to expect. But when we were through, I had already enough clarity to know exactly what my next steps are towards achieving my dreams.

Lynn knows how to pick out what’s most important from what you say and use that to help you advance towards your goals.

If you’re at the point where you’re considering the next big (or small) thing you want to do with your life, talk to Lynn. She’ll help you work it out.

Thanks so much Lynn.