Listening to Wisdom

Three Month Journey with Lynn MacDonald

Do you have a desire to make positive change in the world right now?

Are you ready to access a place deep within that is completely untouched, unbreakable, and calm? A place of innate wisdom?

Regardless of what is happening in the outside world, all you need to thrive in your life is deep within you.

This 3-month incredibly powerful insight-based journey is about coming home and connecting to the true essence of who you are. Opening the door to an inner life of stability, happiness, contentment, and well-being which everyone intuitively knows.

As you open to your truth, wisdom comes in. Wisdom is knowledge hidden in the depths of your soul. As you open to the truth of who you are, your level of consciousness rises. You experience life differently. This knowledge guides you through life. Wisdom brings sanity into your life.

When you thrive, your life thrives, your relationships thrive, your career thrives, and you create a powerful impact on every person you are in contact with, which helps to change the world! Be a part of the solution and help make the world a better place!

This Journey is for Anyone:

  • Ready to open their mind and access their spiritual nature
  • Ready to look deep inside your soul where divine truth and wisdom lives
  • Ready to reconnect into your true self
  • Ready to live in happiness, calm, joy and innate well-being
  • Ready to step into the unknown and think about thought in a new way

Three Month Journey Includes:

Group mentoring twice a month via Zoom.

1 LIVE Webinar with Q&A Monthly via Zoom.

Two private sessions with Lynn MacDonald.

Daily short videos Monday – Friday delivered to your email inbox. These videos are based on questions you send in.

You will receive a copy of The Missing Link by Syd Banks.

Private FB Page/Ongoing support

  • Share celebrations
  • Connect and hang out with like-minded people
  • Create long term relationships

This inspiring supportive, warm, caring and powerful group builds community! As the saying goes, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’  Creating life-long friendships, a place to share your celebrations, a place where positive vibes float helping you to live life in ways you never thought possible!