Leadership from the Heart

Small Group Coaching Program

You know without a shadow of a doubt your heart-based business is capable of growing, evolving, and expanding into unlimited potential, but deep down, something is holding you back.

Are you suffering from a mistaken identity of who you “think” you are? Your life and business is not at the level you truly desire? Does this sound familiar?


I worry that I am not a salesperson


I lack confidence


I have a fear of success.


I have a lifetime of money issues.


I don't feel good enough.


I worry that people will view me as pushy


I am a people pleaser


I don't feel smart enough


I am afraid to speak in public


I am fearful of stepping into my power


I have a fear of being judged

Leadership from the Heart

A small group 3-month coaching program created for heart-based professionals who want to get out of their heads and into the world of possibilities.

This program will help you:

  • Gain insights into understanding the nature of thought and how all of our experiences in life  are a result of the content of thought
  • Recognize your stumbling blocks as to what’s been in your way
  • Get in touch with your inner peace, clarity, wisdom you naturally carry within you
  • Tap into your creative unlimited potential, never “seen” before
  • Gain fresh new ideas and inspiration from a place of clarity for your business
  • Expand your inner circle, open up to new approaches of what’s really possible in your
    life and business
  • Experience the power of coaching in an intimate safe environment with other like-minded peers learning to excel.
  • Build relationships, create life-long friendships, create a referral based business while in this group
  • Grow your business as you evolve into living in your spiritual reality

Behind every heart-based business is your own personal story that fuels your passion! Isn’t it time you served others that need your life experience, knowledge and support?

The outcome of your future is written by the decisions you choose to make now!

Join us!

Make a personal commitment to intentionally serve yourself while simultaneously growing your business so you can:

  • Step into your power, enabling you to feel more confident and relaxed, directly resulting in creating a reliable income through powerful service to your existing and future clients.
  • Experience new things, take chances, make big choices and crush your “fears”.
  • Create habits and routines that are in alignment to whom you are becoming that keeps you focused and on your path.
  • Create your personal and business projects/goals, watch them expand as you live in states of peace, love, joy, happiness, creativity and gratitude.
  • Experience stepping out of your comfort zone into the learning zone as you connect into your full potential and authenticity personally and professionally.
  • Engage, network, share ideas, inspire and form a referral network of like-minded peers in this group who have similar humanity missions.
  • Experience a more fun fulfilling life of freedom as you thrive, your business thrives, it’s all working for you!


Are you ready to step into and create a high achieving business you’ve always wanted now? Imagine what you can create with:

  • 3 months of ongoing continuous support, expert coaching and resources to help nourish your journey into creating the life and business you’ve always wanted.
  • Ad hoc coaching when the need arises.
  • A powerful circle of high achieving like-minded peers who you can have deep
    conversations with, a place where space is created for you to share experiences and stories.
  • A place to learn, grow and share ideas.
  • A safe, inspired and beautiful space that warmly welcomes and embraces you.
  • Bring your biggest challenges and boldest desires and receive consistent support you need.

Here’s how we will get it done:

You will commit to 5 hours each month

This does not include homework assignments

2 one-hour group coaching calls per month

1 90-minute individual coaching session with Lynn each month

Ad hoc coaching as needed

1 Live Zoom Webinar with Q & A (one hour)

Ongoing support via Facebook Page

Required reading now:

Going Pro by Steven Pressfield

Slowing Down to the Speed of Life by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey

Ongoing Support:

We have a private Facebook community where we all will share on a regular basis.

Sharing celebrations, asking questions, guest speakers, individual and teamwork assignments will be provided, suggested reading books, audios, recorded videos from Lynn for continuing learning and growing.

For those who register prior to 5/4, you will receive 2 private coaching calls with Lynn before the group coaching begins!

Are you ready to soar to new heights and experience unlimited potential? Are you ready to breakthrough what you always thought was impossible to possible?

If  you’d like to explore this opportunity, please contact me and we will schedule a conversation.