Is Anxiety Really a Disorder?

I am thrilled that a recent client of mine didn’t give power to that “belief” based on what other people and practitioners told her.

An open mind is all that is needed to see something fresh and new!

This particluar client of mine is in her 60’s. She was tired of living in anxiety.  And being able to feel just a little happier would have been a miracle in her life.

You see, she didn’t think it was really possible for her to change. She saw herself as a victim of circumstance and that her angst and unhappiness was something she’d always have to feel.

I don’t think she actually realized what she was signing up for with me.

In less than 5 sessions she was already experiencing the world differently and living more from peace, love, passion, and understanding. Her anxiety had lessened its horrible grip on her way of thinking about life.

Her footprints now have a ripple effect. Her relationships with her husband and her grown daughters have become more positive and lvogin.

She’s expweriencing more peace in her day-to-day life than she’s ever known because as she’s changed her perspective, the world has changed in how it responds to her.

She’s loving her new relationship with the world.

Like a lot of people she had no idea she was living a fictitious life.

Most of us believe our own thoughts so fully that they create the world around us to match the depth of our beliefs. But when we learn to see beyond those thoughts and come from a different place the world responds to us… differently.

We actually GET to choose how we live our lives.

So, listen up.

Each one of us is so much more than the thoughts we use to navigate our lives, our relationships, and our careers.

And when you really start to understand this and learn how to take action, then love, compassion, and understanding no longer become something to attain, they become a normal way of life for you.

And from that point on, your life becomes something completely new.

It doesn’t have to be hard.

If you could handle your life getting better then we should talk.

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