‘Tis the Season to Stay Sane!

Stay sane this holiday season!

Give yourself the gift of mindfulness, peace, and joy! Experience the holidays feeling calm, grateful, happy, and strong!

So often, the holidays bring forth a wide range of unsettling feelings for many people. Feelings of stress, loneliness, or grief can overshadow what should be a time of peace and joy. And who hasn’t experienced the anxiety of knowing that once again, a side dish of unresolved family issues is bound to be served up along with the roast turkey and pie?

Well, no more! I’m here to help! I’ve designed an opportunity for you to spend 10 minutes a day with yourself using one of my daily, guided mini-meditations and a thoughtful question to journal about and reflect upon.

Every Sunday you will receive a week of these meditations. Open one each morning and follow through with the accompanying exercise. Afterward, use the clarity you receive to guide your decision-making throughout the rest of the day.

Each week represents a different theme. So purchase the week that speaks most to you (each week is $25.00) or you can get all 6 weeks for $150.00 – the ultimate self-care gift set!

You deserve this! Say goodbye to holiday stress once and for all, and this year, give yourself a season of genuine peace & joy!

Week 1: De Frazzle

This is the week when you get to hit the pause button, breath and slow down to do more.

Delivered to your email on 11/25/19.

Week 2: Peace, Love & Joy

Set your elevated emotions in your inner world to peace, love and joy and feel the difference!

Delivered to your email on 12/2/19

Week 3: No Holiday Weight Gain

Change the meaning you give to food and enjoy all your favorite goodies without overeating!

Delivered to your email on 12/9/19

Week 4: Grief & Loss

Open your heart and tap into feeling love, gratitude, and appreciation to all of your loved ones who are not physically here with you this holiday season.

Delivered to your email on 12/16/19

Week 5: Chaotic Family Relationships

Gain new understandings of your automatic reactions to family members and how to change the way you respond to them.

Delivered to your email on 12/23/19

Week 6: Happy New Year to Me

It’s time to stop waiting and starting doing. Moving your “dreams” into small projects to begin taking inspired action.

Delivered to your email on 12/30/19

All Wrapped Up!

Get all 6 Weeks of Guided Meditation! Each week will be delivered separately to your personal email so that you can focus on one topic per week.

11/25/19 – Week 1: De-Frazzle
12/02/19 – Week 2: Peace, Love & Joy
12/09/19 – Week 3: No Holiday Weight Gain
12/16/19 – Week 4: Grief & Loss
12/23/19 – Week 5: Chaotic Family Relationships
12/30/19 – Week 6: Happy New Year to Me