Mission Possible You - Rock Star! 6 Months Membership

“S.T.O.P. = Start To Open Possibilities! Richie Norton”

Release your limitations and gain freedom to grow, evolve and shine into playing and living life to your fullest potential.

I know you are way more than ordinary, you’ve only just scratched the surface of your greatness, which is why I created this 6-month opportunity!  A place where you will grow into becoming whom you’re truly meant to be, EXTRAORDINARY!

It has been my experience, as we partner together, my clients flourish with the magic of coaching as they make themselves a priority to become their top priority! As they work through exploring the adventures of their old stories, fears, thoughts and beliefs, they discover hidden gems!  They discover things they never knew about themselves!  They connect into their depths of their heart opening to love, peace, joy, compassion and discover their wishes and desires are within reach.  When they rediscover themselves, is when they embrace their passionate authentic self and begin to experience fully living life, an extraordinary life!

This inspiring supportive, warm, caring and powerful group builds community! As the saying goes, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’  Creating life-long friendships, a place to share your celebrations, a place where positive vibes float helping you to live life in news you never thought possible!

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Lynn MacDonald


Individual Coaching

“Write down 10 things you would do in your life if you had absolutely no fear.
Then pick one of them and do it.”
Steve Chandler

Individual coaching is intimate work.  My clients discover their untapped strength and courage as if they were meeting them for the first time! As their heart opens, they experience possibilities that where invisible far below their radar screen.

The courage to begin to step into our desires and dreams comes with examining old out dated beliefs, disappointments, failures, fears and judgements that protects us and keeps us safe from living what our hearts deepest desires yearn for.

That is why coaching is so powerful. Together with my clients with compassion and curiosity, we discover the hidden truths of the old stories and old beliefs that were handed-down from family.  As we continue to explore specific fears, realizing deep down fear is desire.  As this inward journey moves along, my clients gain new insights, new perspectives as they uncover newly collected wisdom.

 What I have personally experienced with my clients is they let go of old hurts, resentments, fears and lack of forgiveness.  They release old non-productive behavior patterns, they no longer react the same to specific people and situations in their life, instead they come from a place of humility and love.  They become more compassionate, more peaceful, their heart begins to open into living a full exciting life!  It’s light a lightbulb has gone off!  From this newly created open space of freedom, the path is now clear for my clients to step into their unshakeable courage to create

I know we will build a strong collaborative partnership unlike no other relationship you’ve experienced.

Let’s partner up together, you and me, for 3 hours and begin to move your wishes, hopes, and dreams into actionable projects!  Only when you begin to take action, is when you can see the possibility!  Experience fresh new insights that will exponentially move your projects into your living reality, feeling excited as you fall more in love with life!

I live in the CT area and we can meet in-person if you are nearby!

I also coach face-to-face via Zoom as I have clients all around the world! Clients also can access me in between sessions via email and additional spot coaching when needed.

I see the greatness in you!  I believe in you!

Lynn MacDonald

One Day 3-Hour Session

One Day, 3 Hours: Build It, Dream It, Live It!
Let’s partner up for 3 hours and begin to move your wishes, hopes and dreams into actionable projects! Only when you begin to take action, is when you can see the possibility! Experience fresh new insights that will exponentially move your projects into your living reality, feeling excited as you fall more in love with life!

Lynn Live

What is Lynn LIVE?

Each month Lynn teaches a live class, followed by an opportunity to connect and ask questions directly.

These classes are one-hour sessions. 

Subjects range from mindset chat, thoughts, feelings, health, wealth, relationships, happiness, love, stress, gratitude, triggers, habits, how to make lasting change in your life, etc. 

Lynn is an incredible resource with experience and knowledge of what it takes to overcome self-imposed limitations to transform your life from the inside out.  These classes offer you an opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge as you continue your journey of learning, growing, evolving into becoming your best possible self. 

You will have an opportunity to connect and interact with Lynn as well!

The live classes are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00-1:00 pm (EST) 

If you are unable to attend the live class, a recording of the session will be available on your Members Page for approximately 7 days after the live class.  You can listen there or download the session to your computer as well!

Join Now!

Connect with this growing like-minded community!  Join Lynn Live Now!

Lynn Live is a subscription-based membership, automatically billed each month or year, unless you email Lynn at to cancel. At that time, you will no longer be charged.  Note: Prorated refunds are not given.

Live Monthly Membership 9.99 USD – A monthly recurring charge, for ongoing access.

Speaking Events

My passion is speaking and partnering with a wide variety of organizations to provide fresh new insights on the following topics, offering distinctions that will facilitate mind shift and new perspectives for overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wealth.

  • Workshop: Heartmath Stress management & Self-Regulation of Emotions
  • Workshop: The Power of Stillness & Questions
  • Are You Sleepwalking While “Living” Life?
  • Do You Believe Everything You Think?
  • Who Would You Be Without The Thoughts?
  • Are You Living An Anxiety Filled Lifestyle?
  • Emotional Wellness: What Are Your Favorite Of Emotions Are You Addicted Too?
  • No Once Can Make You Feel “Otherwise”, Only You Can!
  • Emotional Eating: It’s Not a Food Problem, #1 Reason Why Diets Fail!
  • What Label Are You Wearing: Perfectionist, Procrastinator, Not Good Enough?

Contact Me:
Lynn MacDonald

My experience with Lynn has been a life changer & a life saver. I’m learning to rechannel my stress & worries. Letting go of the old & bringing in the new awareness of handling life’s struggles. Making joy and being grateful for all I have.