Businesss Prosperity through Self-Leadership

6 Month Group Program

Creating an incredible business begins with you!

When you transform the way you think, feel, and act, your business will take off into new heights you never thought possible.

There is ONLY one thing holding you back. I know, because I lived it too. It’s the thoughts that you’ve given your power to. It’s the thoughts that you believed were real. It’s the thoughts that you formed your identity from. Your life played out according to those thoughts and that’s why you’re feeling stuck in creating a new business or recreating your existing business. I get it. I know those thoughts well. It was just an innocent misunderstanding.

When I learned the truth about the illusory nature of thought and how our human experience of life works, I realized that I was living a life that was all made up. Once I began to gain a deep understanding of how thought actually works, I began to lose interest in those habitual thought patterns.

I became more of the essence of who I am. My mind became more clear, relaxed, and open. Innate wisdom was always there when I needed it – that GPS system always available to guide me through life and business.

I began taking action in my business which began to grow.  At the same time I had a rise in consciousness. This meant I was connected to all that was innate within: happiness, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and self-being.

As I began to thrive my business began to thrive as well.

This 6 month Business Prosperity through Self-Leadership is for you if:

  • You are ready to step into your courage and let go of who you “think” you are in order for innate wisdom to come in.
  • You are 100% ready to commit to going all in to create, revitalize, and reinvent your business prosperity through service.
  • You are ready to dust off that “hidden gem” inside of you so you can thrive in your personal life and business.
  • You are ready to be BOLD, COURAGEOUS, and live the life you’ve always thought was impossible.


Spend the next 6 months progressing to new levels of clarity, wisdom, and consciousness.

Reconnect to the innate default settings of your true self: innate wisdom, common sense, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, discipline, motivation, inspiration, creativity, and enthusiasm.

You’ll gain new truths and realizations that there is nothing in your way of prosperity and creating limitless possibilities for your business and your personal life.

We were all born with the capacity to have new ideas, to thrive, to prosper and contribute to society!

The Details:

  • One live Zoom Webinar a month with Q&A (1 to 1.5 hours).
  • Two group mentoring sessions monthly (1 to 1.5 hours).
  • Three private mentoring calls with Lynn.
  • Ongoing community building via private Facebook Group.
  • Videos delivered to your in-box every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for continued support, growth and action.