About Lynn MacDonald

Lynn’s Certifications

HeartMath Trainer/Mentor
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Licensed Practitioner
Mind/Body Eating Coach

I spent 15 years in the corporate world and stepped away because I wanted to achieve more. And I did. Over the years I’ve built up an extraordinary business by serving amazing clients who are on fire and ready to turn their dreams into reality!

My expertise lies in helping people who are ready to take action and embrace courage by doing whatever is necessary to achieve their goals of personal and professional success.

I partner with my clients through the entire process of making important life changes. When doubt or tiredness starts to creep in, I help them tap into their courage and infuse them with energy and fresh perspective so that giving up is no longer an acceptable option!

Because I believe that the BEST  investment you can make in your life is YOU!


I wholeheartedly recommend Lynn and the work she does! I was introduced to Lynn at a particularly challenging point in my life. She was exactly what I needed…

Davia Shepard

Saporito Chiropractic